Where To Buy PetAction Near You

PetAction is your go-to treatment for dogs and cats to fight against fleas and ticks, mites, and lice. We offer specifically tailored products for your dog or cat and their particular size. Our products include spot on treatment and collars to prevent fleas and ticks on your furry friends. Our flea treatment for dogs and flea treatment for cats can be found at many stores near you. Our PetAction team makes it easy to prepare your pets for the flea and tick season. Check out where to buy our PetAction products below!

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PetAction is available for purchase at the following stores in your town or city:
For fasting-acting, long-lasting, and waterproof defense against fleas and ticks, visit one of your local retailers today! PetAction is the flea treatment for dogs and cats, don’t wait until your pet has a problem to act!
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  • DOGS 6-22 LBS

  • DOGS 23-44 LBS

  • DOGS 45-88 LBS

  • DOGS 89-132 LBS