Kills Flea Eggs
Flea Eggs
Kills Flea Larvae
Flea Larvae
Kills Chewing Lice
Chewing Lice
Kills Ticks

Convenient, fast-acting control of flea and ticks that's long-lasting and waterproof. Get your flea and tick treatment from PetAction® today!

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....I happened upon Petaction Plus & was impressed by the label info, as well as the cost....3 months treatment was about as comparable to the vets treatment. Who could resist? Petaction is easy to apply, does not irritate my dogs sensitive & wonderfully effective!...

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Flea And Collars

Introducing the PetAction® Collar

PetAction® Collar is a flea and tick treatment that prevents and kills for up to 6 months. It has the same active ingredients as Scalibor® Protector Band for Dogs **. Collar sizes are available for large and small dogs and the collar allows adjustments to best fit your dog. Applying your dog or cat’s flea and tick medication has never been easier than with the new PetAction® Collar.

Fleas & Ticks
Fleas and ticks can be a problem throughout most of the United States. For warmer areas of the country, fleas and ticks can pose a year-round problem for dogs and cats. For areas with cold winters, dogs and cats may have a few months of respite each year. Let’s ensure your dog or cat is protected throughout the year from any potential problems, use PetAction® Plus, the effective flea and tick treatment for your dog or cat.
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